Dr. Anshuman Rao

The detailed information provided in the course has given us a crystal clear idea of how to go about treatment planning any case irrespective of the complexity of the case. The overall content and organization of lectures were excellent.

Dr. Priya Khosa

Everything was about just perfect. Very nicely taken care. Many ideas got much clearer which were not possible earlier. So much better becauseof SAC tool and theory explained. At the time of surgery Idefinitely felt like somebody holding our hand and making us place the implant. Thanks to both of you sir.

Dr. Nisha Sharma

It was very informative and very convenient. At the time of surgery I was very well guided. I feel privileged to have been guided by such good and experienced as well as, well read mentors, it gives me a zeal to live up to their and my expectations as well.

Dr. Hiral Savani

As an exclusive orthodontist, I had not been exposed towards surgical or prosthetic work and I was worried if I would be confident to carry out Implants successfully in my practice . But today I regret not doing this course earlier . Gave me immense confidence to start my Implant practice .

Dr. Supritha Shetty

Dr. Ali and Dr. Kher have opened an entirely new world of Implants which didn’t look promising before the Course. An entirely new phase begins after the course.

Dr. Nilu Pande

Everything was quite appreciating and best experience in my learning phase.

Dr. Abhay Antarkar

Excellent Learning Experience. Hats Off to Dr. Udatta & Dr. Ali.

Dr. Rahul Sohoni

When you start to do your research into dental implant courses there's so many to choose from. Its confusing and you ultimately waste a lot of time sitting on the fence and contemplating which one to take .
I choose Impart Education's Basic Implant course & must say its by far one of the best courses I have ever attended. Anyone thinking of doing an implant course, with the most friendly and knowledgeable faculty this is the right course.
All sessions were well organized, informative and most importantly enjoyable! Miss the sessions ,now that its ended. The course offers the flexibility of mentorship which is of great help.
This course gave me the confidence and knowledge to start placing and restoring implants for my own patients. Once more, Thank you very much Dr Udatta ,Dr Ali ,Dr Priya & the support staff .
Highly recommended !
Just Do it! Don’t think about it.

Dr Swapnil Kolhe ,Nasik

Course Content & case documentation is excellent & inspiring. Really one to one attention during surgery & other clinical steps. It’s really an excellent platform to start implant journey

Dr Ranjan Chauhan, Australia

Highly professional and easy to understand .Dr. Ali & Dr. Kher are one of the best in the field of implant education and they are helping so many dentists in their journey of implant dentistry

Dr Aditi Varma Arora,Mumbai

Very comprehensive and illustrative, cannot imagine better learning experience. Excellent course content and very Comprehensive!
Will rate it 10 on 10 for the experience”



Dr. Anshuman Rao

The detailed information provided in the course has given us a crystal clear idea of how to go about treatment planning any case irrespective of the complexity of the case. The overall content and organization of lectures were excellent.

Dr. Abhay Lotlikar

It is certainly the best training session I have attended so far. The best part of the programme was the course content and absolutely honest representation of the cases including pitfalls and failures. The photographs were of international standards. Way to go Dr.Udatta and Dr.Ali!!! Thank you!!

Dr.Rashmin Shah,Mumbai

I am sure that I am going back with good confidence to carry out the procedures back in my clinic with the ease and comfort with which my patients expect me to carry them out. Way beyond Expectations. THEY REALLY IMPART EDUCATION!!!!!

Dr.Ikhlas Panwelkar ,Mumbai

Well!!! It was an amazing course . Two Full days of brain storming. Enjoyed it completely with some best of knowledge shared by DR.Udatta Sir and DR.Ali Sir. Feels confident to go back to clinic now.
Thanks a lot.

Dr.Shishir Shah, Ahemdabad

Excellent evidenced based knowledge which is extremely useful in private implantology practice. A must do for all who want to do advanced Implantology.
Thank you.

Dr.Pankaj Desale,Mumbai

A must to do course for all those clinicians who are putting implants and want to start doing bone grafting & sinus lift. Dr.Udatta is not only a good clinician but also a very good speaker, will surely start or can do sinus lift or grafting on my own in my clinic.Thank You.

Dr.Sheel Vora.Mumbai

Extremely informative course structure .Personalized tutorship and mentoring

Dr.Vikram Deshmukh, Pune

Clarified the basic concepts of ridge split and sinus lift.Clinical tips found to be quite important.

Dr.Anne Vikram.

Kudos to Impart Team! Very informative & practical clinical course. Glad to be a participant

Dr.Ahilya Lad.

Very practical and useful course. Made things clear and inspired to try some of the techniques.

Dr.Gulnar Sethna.

Absolutely fabulous course.Highly recommended for everyone

Dr. Adarsh Verma.

Good to great to awesome ! . All doubts cleared. Wish to see you again

Dr. Harshwardhan Arya, Nagpur

Absolutely wonderful ! Comprehensive and very informative . Fully satisfied


Dr. Manish Soni

Comprehensive, In-depth, very informative, well-presented, easy to understand. The programme was extremely informative and threw light on many cpmplex unexplored avenues of treatment.Both Dr.Ali and Dr.Udatta generously shared their expertise and experiences in an encouraging and simplified manner.

Dr.Sameer Thukral,Pune

Excellent content with great clinical work and photographs This was a great program with excellent content. Covered a great deal of cases concepts and knowledge .Both Dr.Kher and Dr.Tunkiwala were friendly and shared their insights openly and with honesty .THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Dr.Dipil Mehta ,Mumbai

To the point perfect. I have always been a follower of both your works and I am sure I will be. I thank you both for your continuous guidance and I am sure to do be a part of all future endeavours of Impart

Dr.Tapan Kumar Gosh,Kolkata

Very Exhaustive . The programme is very informative covered all the aspects of complex prosthetic challenges faced with advanced implant dentistry. Both the course Faculty are excellent and have vast experiences and expertise of the subject

Dr.Amey Bhide

Very helpful and got to know about many new things. Being a Periodontist I had linited knowledge about Implant prosthodontics. This program has helped me a lot. Thank you Dr,Udatta and Dr.Ali and organizing team members.

Dr.Harshwardhan Arya ,Nagpur

Brilliantly designed, practical informative and comprehensive. Excellent slides & Faculty patiently answering of all the questions. One of the most well put together course I have ever attended. Both Dr.Ali and Dr.Udatta have great communication skills and a vast and detailed knowledge of the subject. Highly recommended !

Dr.Gagandeep Bath,Chicago

The course involves and covers all relevant topics in regards to implant .Few things were an eye openers for me. Looking forward to learn more .

Dr.Santosh Salke

Very good ,Very helpful!.Both Dr.Ali and Dr.Udatta ,Thank you very much for your excellent lecture and hands on course.

Dr.Amod Patankar

Very Good for practical tips in prosthetic rehabilitation . May be best in India!

Dr.Anil Chaudhari

It was a nice experience. Really enjoyed the innovative ideas by Dr.Ali and the experiences shared by Dr.Udatta .

Dr. Nirav Gada

Very inspiring ,informative and educative. Will change the way I consult an Implant patient

Dr Mandaar Anjarlekar,Mumbai

Thanks to impart education for a wonderful feast of knowledge to 2 days Thank you Dr Ali & Dr Udatta for making all the concepts of implant prosthodontics so very clear .It was really a nicely arranged course .

Dr D Satyanaryana,Hyderabad

Dr Udatta & Dr Ali, you both have covered every aspect that can be taught in Implant Prosthodontics & have opened a new area for me. Cleared my doubts and dispelled myths in full Mouth implant rehabs. Final touch was occlusion by Dr.Ali . Kudos to both of you.

Dr Neha Milani

Thank you Dr. Ali & Dr. Udatta Kher ... Your passion, attention to detailing strive for perfection is surely a motivation for beginners like me. It was an absolute privilege to be a part of this 2-days programme. Looking forward to many more in the future !

Dr Sandeep Singh , Delhi

Thanks to mentors for such a lively and enriching 2 days of learning and yearning for more
Hope to transfer the knowledge "imparted" into clinical cases .
Also honored to be part of program with such experienced faculty who share their clinical knowledge and skills

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr. Yugandhara Sawant

A complete package of knowledge and its clinical application. My phobia for articulator and face bow was taken care of. Dr.Ali and Dr.Shetty were very informative and cleared all my doubts about occlusion.

Dr. Rinku Jain

I have attended many courses, but this was an excellent course i have ever done. It was very practical and clinically oriented. You all were very patient to address to each and every queries of the students, both during lectures and hands-on. I have always looked forward for Dr.Ali’s lectures. Thank you.

Dr. Priya Rao

Each and everyone were fantastic. Before attending the course full mouth rehab just meant to me 28 RCTs and 28 crowns, but after attending the course I realized that there is life and hope. Beyond that thank you team Impart Education.

Dr. Hemant Bakal

You all were excellent and have been selfless in giving knowledge. All materials were based on established studies and genuine efforts were taken to give dentists every bit of knowledge. Great going.

Dr. Seema Rathi

Dr.Ali- He was fantastic, very lucid, and informative.
Dr.Shetty-It was an honour to be his student again.
Dr.Udatta-Looking forward to his future advanced implant lectures.
My entire perspective towards dentistry has taken TURN for the betterment.

Dr.Nigam Buch

A complete step- by- step knowledge gained in these three days. First time clouds were cleared on how conservatively Rehabilitation can be achieved for all complex cases. Thanks to Dr.Ali and Dr. Sharat Shetty for their evidence based teaching. I am so happy to be part of Impart family.

Dr.Haresh shet

Thank you Dr. Ali and Dr. Sharat for eye opener, Importance of articulation and facebow, for making me realize where I went wrong after doing treatment, for camera information, documentation. The whole program was very nice and informative.

Dr.Bhalgat Sanket Satish

I successfully completed a course of Impart Education. It has actually kindled in me a transforming ignition. One of the best part was the aim to achieve perfection and doing everything with such a long term vision. Every question was so patiently answered , no matter how many times asked. Every effort taken made sure our ignorance was masked.

Dr.Aslam Inamdar

Couldn’t have found such great mentors who could have taught me Full Mouth Rehabilitation the way the team of Dr. Ali and Dr. Shetty have done. The course has given me confidence to deal with FMR cases with enough clarity. Shall recommend it to all those who are passionate towards dentistry and want to do great service in dental field.

Dr.Rashmin Shah

Excellent content for both the speakers. If teaching in dental colleges goes up to this level then definitely the standard in dentistry in the country will go up. Awesome teaching and sharing of clinical expertise and experience. It was worth more then the money we paid and much more. Thanks a lot.

Dr.Maitreyee Dhanjani

Very useful for general dentistry too and changed my view on FMR. These types of programs should be started at the early stages of our career or may be involved in our dental curriculum. The basic things and intricate details of steps made understood were good.


I call it occlusion demystified. It was a difficult topic for me till now. In just three days I got cleared of my doubts. I am so greatful to Dr.Ali, Dr.Sharat, and Dr. Udatta for their efforts and hard work they put in conducting such a course. I whole heartedly thank them for everything they taught.

Dr.Kalpana Savani.

Eye opener.Good. If you want to work to take your dentistry to next level this Impart Course is a must ,lots of myths busted very transparent would love to keep connected.

Dr.Biju Abraham

A must do training program, for all orthodontists even those who do not do general dentistry will surely help improve the results obtained at the end of orthodontic treatment.

Dr.Jugal Patel

Clear precise understanding of a complex subject only possible because of master clinicians and orators. The demonstration and hands on sessions were excellent.

Dr. Kavita Kumar

Dr.Ali and Dr.Shetty were excellent. They were comprehensive and superlative. Contemporary concepts were made easy to understand.

Dr.Darshan Parulkar

The lecture content was great .Life changing experience. Best course I have attended.

Dr.Ranju Jose

This being my 4th FMR Course I will have to say this is by far the best available FMR Course in the country. This program should be a must attend for all the specialist general dentist alike who would like to do a difference to those patients who suffer from regressive changes to teeth and original pain since long years. The commitment of Dr.Ali and Dr.Shetty to teach us to do the cases by ourselves is tremendous and well appreciated .Beautiful teaching with no grey areas anywhere

Dr Rachit Jain, Surat

An excellent Course , a great chance and inspiration to upgrade the level of dentistry I was practicing .
Really enjoyed the learning experience !

Dr Kaushik Gandhi ,Mumbai

I Truly appreciate the time effort , hard work gone into making this 3 day program truly informative with lectures, demos & actual case presentations & shall truly make remarkable difference the way we shall look ,present and do clinical work hence forth. Everything was just excellent!

Dr Rachit Jain , Surat

An excellent Course , a great chance and inspiration to upgrade the level of dentistry I was practicing
Really enjoyed the learning experience

Dr Ami Shah ,Mumbai

Very to the point ,compact & Clinical approach !
Will try applying the information from today itself
Thank you Dr Ali and Dr Sharath !

Dr Anuradha Vyas, Mumbai

The course was very informative and yet clinically very pertinent
Both Dr Ali and DR Shetty were very patient with our questions and doubts .

Dr Rakhi Medha

Truly appreciate Dr Ali and Dr Sharat for taking efforts in explaining every detail to us and helping us in change the way we used to practice Rehabilitation earlier

Dr Mithunjith, Pondicherry

Want to thank Dr Ali from the bottom of my heart for providing courses like this. The knowledge behind the subject is enormous. Loved each slide. Dr Ali's hard work behind understanding the concepts and reaching excellence in dentistry is very evident . I have been following Dr Ali for the past one year, wanted to do this course since long but time was not suiting me. The command he has on the subject and concepts are remarkable .No doubt he is one of COUNTRY'S best Dentist . Looking forward to sharing some cases in near future .

Dr Deepak Singla, Punjab

Excellent Course. It should be done before any other course in dentistry. It is the basis of all our
Treatments. Makes life easier a lot. Full marks.

Dr Karan Bajaj, Punjab

Impart education is doing a commendable job in educating the young and senior dentist. The content and the interaction with every participants is commended. In case of FMR it is highly recommended for everyone.

Dr Madhur Kankaria ,Mumbai

Loved the content. Reproducible, repeatable. Even for me as a oral surgeon.The hand outs were brilliant! Thoroughly professional at every level. Would like to thank my mentors Dr Ali and Dr Sharat for making my foray into FMR a worthwhile experience.Will definitely recommend.

Dr Alap Shah,Surat

It was truly an exemplary course structure and information delivery by the dynamic Dr Ali with all the energy to charge us for the cases ahead and Dr Sharad with his poise and subtle humour..
Inspirational work indeed by the team Implart!